Karakterisasi Morfologi dan Uji Daya Hasil 15 Genotipe Caisin (Brassica rapa L.Cv. Grup Caisin)

Aulia Rizqi Muhammad, Darda Efendi, Endang Gunawan


Characterization is the first stage in plant breeding that aims to reveal the morphological character and selection of the genotypes that adapt to low-altitude of area. To fulfill caisin consumption demands in Indonesia, extensification was needed from high altitude grounds which is the natural habitat of caisin to low-altitude. Randomize Complete Block Design (RCBD) is used and genotype as a single factor. 15 genotypes were used from collection of PKHT BRP 004, BRP 002, BRP 009, BRP 022, BRP 007, BRP 020, BRP 010, BRP 012, BRP 021, and those given the induction of mutations in BRP 004 R, BRP 002 R, BRP 009 R, BRP 003 R, and BRP 019 R. The data were analyzed by analysis of variance then Tukey test as the advanced test. BRP 010 genotype has the heaviest total harvest mass and harvest mass without the root, yet BRP 009 R genotype has the highest harvest index score which means it has the highest percentage of edible part. BRP 002 R, BRP 009 R, and BRP 019 R, are genotypes from the irradiation process that has color diversity. The result of analysis of variance showed that from 11 quantitative characters from 15 caisin genotypes, 3 characters was found not showing a true statistical difference, there are quantity of leaf, leaf width, and height ratio (NLP), and stalk width. BRP 022 Genotypes has the narrowest and the shortest leaf, the shortest leaf stalk, and the narrowest leaf diameter. BRP 002 has the highest plant height and Sri Tanjung genotype has the shortest plant height. BRP 010, BRP 004 R, BRP 002 R, BRP 019 R and BRP 009 R genotypes have potential to submitted for new varieties candidate that adaptive to low-altitude ground.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29244/chj.1.1.45-53


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