Pendugaan Umur Simpan Cabai Merah Kering (Capsicum annum L.) dengan Metode Konvensional

Hisworo Ramdani, Siti Fatimah


Food processing in the industry aims to extend the shelf life of a product. Shelf life is one of the requirements that must be evaluated before food products were marketed and safety for consumption. Estimation of shelf life was done by conventional methods. The conventional methode that was storage of some products at room temperature conditions which have the same weight and date of production. Observations data were taken on parameters of water content, vitamin C, color and total microbes (TPC). The experimental design taken partially staggered design by simple regression. The results showed that the dried chilli was increasing for water content 0.0975%, vitamin C 0.27 mg 100 g-1, log TPC as much as 0.0487 colonies g-1 and chili color which remained stable in the range of 16-18.3 chroma of storage for 24 days. Based on the results of the calculation of the conventional method, the linear regression equation of water content was y = 0.0975x + 8.0732 so that it obtained 71 days shelf life and based on log TPC regression was y = 0.0487x + 8.1831 obtained 65 days shelf life.

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