Application of RAPD Markers on Sex Determination of Papaya (Carica papaya)

Riry Prihatini, Noflindawati ,, Tri Budiyanti


Molecular sex determination of five varieties of Indonesian papaya were investigated using RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphism DNA) markers. Overall, 12 of 14 primers produced polymorphic bands on either several or all tested varieties. The OPC04 and RAPD2 markers could be used determined sex types on all varieties, whereas others primers are only on certain varieties. The Tangkai Ungu variety can be differentiate by markers: OPA11, OPA14, OPC14, RAPD2, RAPD3, and RAPD5; the Lokal Sumani can be determine using markers: OPA01, OPA11, OPA14, OPC01, OPC04, RAPD2, RAPD3, RAPD5, and RAPD6; the Merah Delima could be determined using OPC04, OPN09, RAPD2, and RAPD5; the Dampit could be determined using OPC01, OPC04, RAPD2, and RAPD6; whereas the Sicincing Panjang could be determined using OPA04, OPA11, OPA14, OPC04, RAPD2, and RAPD3.

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