Viabilitas Benih Bawang Putih Varietas Tawang Mangu Setelah Penyimpanan pada Berbagai Suhu

. Sulassih, Yohanes Aris Purwanto, . Sobir, Naekman Naibaho, Siaga Yudha Pratama, . Nurmalia


Viability of garlic seed is important for seed quality. Periode of seed storage Penyimpanan benih berkaitan dengan viabilitas benih. Viability testing measured after storage at 0 oC, 7 oC and room temperate. Moisture content decreased (40-45%) after 1 month in the storage under light condition, but the weight loss approximately at 1-8%, still lower than ASEAN rules (2009) that is not over than 10-15% for physical damage. Tawang Mangu variety showed higher for percentage of field emergence (83.33%) after was storages at 0 oC for one month and produced higher bulb (11 bulbs), but at the room temperature showed the lower for percentage of field emergence (56.94%) and produced 2-3 bulbs. All the treatment (7oC and room temperature) produced small size of bulbs in weight (1-2 g), height (1.5-1.7 cm) and width (1.5-1.6 cm). Three of the temperature condition was produced single bulb called “bawang lanang”, it suggested causing the land unfertilizer. Garlic was not suitable for medium land and high temperature such as Bogor.

Keywords: diameter, height, male garlic, small, weight

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