Uji Daya Hasil 10 Galur Cabai Rawit ( Capsicum annuum L. ) IPB di Kecamatan Dramaga, Bogor

Dwika Syattwa Arandito, Muhamad Syukur, Arya Widura Ritonga


Chili is an important vegetable commodity in Indonesia. Chilli can be used for cooking ingredients and used as a basic ingredient in the food industry. This study aims to evaluate some quantitative characters and qualitative characters as an indicator of yield as a reference for obtaining lines that can be nominated into new varieties. Research was been carried out from February to July 2018 at the Leuwikopo Experimental Garden, IPB. The height of the research site was ± 197 m above sea level. The design used in this study was Randomized Complete Block Design with a single factor, namely genotype. The number of genotypes that being used consists of 10 test genotypes, and 5 comparison varieties with 3 repetitions. Thus, there was total 45 experimental units. The research outcome was that the lines tested showed significant effect and had differences between the ten test lines except for the flowering age character. Lines F8160291-9-4-3-2-1-1 and F6145291-115-8-1-1 were lines that had better plant growth characteristics. The fruit characteristics of the lines F8160291-3-12-5-4-51-1 and F6145291-14-9-3-12 had good fruit weight and fruit length compared to all comparison varieties. Based on the correlation analysis, the character of the number of fruit and weight of fruit were very important to determine the performance of the plant. Line F8160291-3-12-5-4-51-1 and F6145291-14-9-3-12, F8160291-9-4-3-2-1-1, and F6145291-115-8-1-1 had potential character to be released as new varieties.

Keywords: Capsicum annuum L., genotype, preliminary yield test, chili pepper

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29244/chj.2.3.57-64


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