Optimasi Proses Blansir terhadap Warna dan Vitamin C pada Pengeringan Cabai Merah Keriting (Capsicum annuum L) dengan Tunnel Dehidrator

Hisworo Ramdani, Reki Wicaksono Ashadi, Narjisul Ummah


This study aims to get the maximum uptake condition to produce the best vitamin C, color, and water content that was desired. The analysis used in this study uses the Central Composite Design from Response Surface Methodology (RSM). RSM was a tool that can calculate the optimum value of the factors given based on research data or better known as Multiple Variable Functions (FPG). The temperature and blast time as a research experimental factor of the desired response are color and vitamin C. The color optimization results showed Y = 17.276 - 0.945x1 + 1.787x2 - 1.638x12 - 2.619x22 + 0.934x1x2 and produce maximum color at optimum temperature and reaction time 85.46 (86 ± 0.5) oC and 12 minutes. The optimization results of vitamin C showed Y = 12.144 + 1.834x1 + 0.117x2 + 1.441x12 - 1.052x22 - 1.540x1x2 and produce maximum vitamin C at optimum temperature and reaction time 98.11 (98 ± 0.5) oC and 5 minutes. The results of the validation at the above temperature produce a color of 17.4 and vitamin C 15.2 mg / 100 g.

Keywords: blanch, chili, drying, optimization, RSM

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29244/chj.2.3.48-56


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