Analisis Periode Vernalisasi terhadap Keragaan Dua Tipe Bawang Putih di Dataran Rendah

Ainammardliyyah ., Sobir .


The aims of this research was to study the influence of vernalization period, garlic type and interaction of garlic type with vernalization period on garlic growth and bulbing in lowland. The research was conducted in experiment field PKHT, Bogor, West Java. This study used a factorial Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD), garlic type (hardneck and softneck) and vernalization period (45 days, 30 days, and control). Hardneck garlic type has a higher number of leaves, speed germination, and bulbing percentage. Softneck garlic type has a higher sprouting percentage, percentage of live plants, leaf width and pseudo stem diameter. Vernalization promoted growth and bulbing of garlic. The interaction of softneck type of garlic with all periods of vernalization has a higher influence on percentage of live plants. The interaction of hardneck-45 day garlic and hardneck-30 day has a higher effect on the number of leaves.The number of leaves was positively correlated with bulb component and clove component.Planting garlic in the lowlandswas suitable for hardneck garlic type. Vernalization 30 day was effective to increase growth and yield of garlic in lowland.

Keywords: chilling, hardneck, softneck, storage period

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