Keragaan dan Kualitas Tanaman Pepaya Genotipe IPB 11 (Carica papaya L.) di Dataran Rendah dan Dataran Tinggi

Fajrilla Akhirta Masrya, M. Rahmad Suhartanto, Endah Retno Palupi, Sulassih .


The aim of this research was to compare plantperformance, fruit and seed quality of papaya IPB 11 genotype planted in thelowland (261 m asl) and highland (1090 m asl). The research was conducted from January to April 2017. The planting of papaya is located in the Pasir Kuda Experimental Garden for lowland and Pasir Sarongge Experimental Garden for highland.Observation of fruit performance and fruit chemical quality was conducted at Postharvest Laboratory of PKHT. Testing of seed quality was conducted at Screenhouse of Leuwikopo Experimental Garden. Plant performance was observed on 9 plants, whereas fruit performance and chemical quality was observed on 3 fruit sampels per plant. Seed quality analysis was carried out on 9 replication, 50 seeds per replication. Research data was analyzed using T test.The results showed that papaya IPB 11 genotypes planted in Pasir Sarongge Experimental Garden had larger stem size, more number of  leaves, more number of  fruit, larger fruit size, and higher edible portion. Fruit of papaya IPB 11 genotype planted in Pasir Kuda Experimental Garden has higher PTT content and has higher seed viability than in Pasir Sarongge Experimental Garden.

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