Pewarisan Karakter Hortikultura Persilangan Syakira IPB x IPB C320 dalam Rangka Merakit Varietas Unggul Cabai Hias

Elsa Tirta Wulandari, Muhamad Syukur, Awang Maharijaya


Peppers have a high diversity of morphological traits including fruit color and shape. Crossings between genotypes that have different traits are one step in creating new, superior varieties. This study was aimed at analyzing gen action, the genetic diversity, correlation between characters, path analysis, broad-sense heritability, and the value of F2 genetic advance on the character of the number of fruit per plant. The study was conducted under a green house condition at Kebun Percobaan Leuwikopo IPB, Dramaga, Bogor and the laboratory of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, IPB. The study took place from October 2016 to March 2017. This study used the population of the F2 population Syakira IPB x IPB C320; 201 plants, P1 Syakira IPB; 21 plants, P2 IPB C320; 21 plants. The results showed that all characters qualitative controlled by two gens. The characters quantitative of flowering age, plant height, length of first segment, stem diameter, fruit diameter, fruit weight per plant, and number of fruit per plant have wide genetic diversity. All observed characters provide a positive correlation except the character of fruit weight and fruit diameter. Characters that directly affect the number of fruits per plant is weight of fruit per plant, fruit weight and plant height. The value of broad-based heritability with high criterion exists in all observed characters. Progress selection on the main character gives great value.


Keywords: genetic variability, gen action, inheritance, ornamental peppers

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