Induksi Mutasi Fisik dengan Iradiasi Sinar Gamma pada Kacang Merah

Siti Marwiyah, Heny Purnamawati, Pinni Iyunika Sembiring


Physical mutation induction by gamma ray irradiation can increase the genetik diversity to support the selection of
certain characters in plant breeding. Varieties is the key to improving the productivity of kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) in Indonesia. This study aimed to study the effect of physical mutation induction by gamma ray irradiation of the red bean genotypes Brast-1. The research was conducted from February to May 2016. The genetik material Brast genotype-1 was irradiated with four levels of gamma ray (55, 110, 165 and 220 Gy). Weight of 100 grains M1 at a dose of 55 Gy were significantly different from M0 is a positive change from the gamma ray irradiation treatment. Effect of gamma ray irradiation was indicated by the changing of the morphology of leaves, pods and seed color code of M2.

Keywords: dose, change, genotype, M2 seed

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