Uji Daya Hasil Klon Harapan Kentang (Solanum tuberosum L.) IPB di Kabupaten Garut Jawa Barat

Dicky Hasian Zulkarnain, Awang Maharijaya, Muhamad Syukur


Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) highly consumed in the form of vegetable and processed potato so that the needs of potatoes have not been fulfilled by domestic production. One effort to increase national potato production is to assemble high-yield varieties of potato. This study aimed to test the production of several IPB potato promising clones. This research was conducted in Garut, West Java in May to August 2016. This research used Completely Randomized Design with clone as the factor and repetition as many as three replications as the group. The planting material used was IPB Potato promising clones which consisted of PKHT 2, PKHT 4, PKHT 6, PKHT 9, and PKHT 10 and Granola and Atlantik as the comparison. The results showed that PKHT 4, PKHT 6, PKHT 9, and PKHT 10 are IPB potato promising clones that have high production equivalent to Granola and higher than Atlantik as commercial varieties. Based on physical criteria PKHT 4 and PKHT 6 suitable to be processed potato chips and PKHT 9 and PKHT 10 suitable to be vegetable potato.

Keywords: atlantic, granola, potato as vegetable, processed potato

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29244/chj.1.1.42-48


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