Karakterisasi Lima Galur Cabai Hias dalam Rangka Pendaftaran Varietas Hasil Pemuliaan

Sulassih ,, Muhamad Syukur, Sobir ,, Awang Maharijaya, Abdul Hakim, Ratih ,


Chili pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) is vegetable which hashigh variability. Itcan be usedfor spicy and ornamental
plant. The aim of this study isto obtain both quantitative and qualitative dataof five lines ornamental chili pepper for plant protection program and new variety. Clustering analyzed using NTSYS 2.0 software and principle component analyzed using MINITAB 16.2.1. Clustering analysis showed five groups of chili pepper base on 75% coefficient similarity with 0.95 goodnest of fit. The groups are consist of group A for Ayesha, group B for Syakira and Namira, group C forSeroja, group D forJelita and group E for Lembayung. Principle component analysis showed cumulative value at 0.778 on PC3. The characters which made the groups are purple stem color (0.233), greenupper leaves color (-0.232), purplelower leaves color (0.232), redmature fruit color (0.266), short fruit size (0.266), and medium seed size (-0.338). Ayesa have triangular fruit shape and obtuse shape apex.Jelita recorded sparse habitus, small fruit, shortened internode, and short plant. Namira have shortened internode but Syakira showed intermediate habitus and dont have shortened internode. Lembayung showed purple on upper and lower leaves, stem, stigma, corolla, immature fruit and orange on fruit mature. Ayesha, Namira, Seroja, Jelita and Lembayung potential for plant variety registration as new variety.

Keywords: Ayesha, Jelita, Lembayung, Namira, Seroja, Syakira

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29244/chj.1.1.26-33


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