Perlakuan Panas untuk Mengurangi Gejala Kerusakan Dingin pada Mangga (Mangifera indica L.) var. Gadung selama Penyimpanan pada Suhu Rendah

Gysberth Pattiruhu, Yohannes Aris Purwanto, Emmy Darmawanty


Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is perishable horticulture product. Commercially, mango fruits are harvested at the mature-green stage of development and are handled at low temperatures to facilitate shipping. However, long term low temperature storage of mature-green mango fruits is currently risky because of chilling injury (CI). The ojective of this study was to examine quality changes of mango during storage at 8 oC after heatshock treatment. Heatshock treatment consist of hot water treatment (HWT) at temperature of 55 oC in 3 and 10 minutes and intermittent warming (IW) at temperature 20 oC for 1 day after 2 and 3 days of low temperature storage. The result showed that HWT of 55 oC in 3 minutes could decrease of weight loss and maintain the quality and chemical content of mango during storage at low temperatures. While IW treatment after 2 and 3 days at low temperature storage in this study was not effective in reducing chilling injury and maintaining quality of mango.

Keywords: chilling injury, hetshock treatment,low temperature storage, mango

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